A contemporary twist on the iconic timepiece!

HourGlass is a contemporary twist on the iconic timepiece aiming to introduce a traditional emblem into our modern lives while doubling as an elegant side table. The intuitive nature of the form generates a natural connection with the user, as its familiarity is comforting and delightful. As time is an increasingly important aspect of our lives today, this design makes it tangible naturally envisaging its passing. The idea is that a person would flip the table over when taking a break from preforming a task and HourGlass would visualise the time elapsing. By doing so it hopes to help with procrastination and add a playful element to doing things at home. The use of polished brass for the frame embeds value into the product as gold is an iconic, timeless colour that bridges the gap between traditional and contemporary aesthetics. The hourglass itself is created using translucent acrylic plastic to minimise the weight of the product and ensure its practicality. The internal substance comprises of course coloured granules. The overall dimensions of HourGlass are (h)458 x (w)355 x (D)355 mm